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Reflections from World Environment Day

 The 5 June was World Environment Day which is observed every year to raise global awareness on environment issues.

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 The theme this year was Go Wild for Life, calling for zero tolerance for the illegal wildlife trade in things like ivory. It encouraged people around the world to take a look at their own local environment and to identify animal or plant life under threat.

 The UK used WED to release the findings of a report that looks at the damage done to marine life from microbeads – tiny pieces of plastic particles used in cosmetics like exfoliation scrubs – being released into the ocean. The report found that a staggering 86 tonnes of these microbeads are being washed into the environment in the UK each year.

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Organic Cotton Farming in India (Kowtow) 

These plastic microbeads are then swallowed by marine life. One study found them in more than a third of fish in the English Channel, including in mussels, seals and whales.

 No one yet knows how ingesting these plastic fragments have affected the marine life’s health, or indeed ours.

 Mary Creagh, chairwoman of the Environmental Audit Committee, said, “Cosmetic companies need to clean up their act and phase out the plastic microbeads causing marine pollution.”

 At Gather & See we know our customers are as passionate about using organic cosmetic brands that don’t damage the environment as they are about seeking out gorgeous ethical fashion.



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