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Why Ethical Jewellery is the Natural Choice

There is something special about a beautiful piece of jewellery. These little pieces of precious metal that we adorn ourselves with - from those cherished items we wear every day to the statement pieces that are just made for some fabulous occasion - they give us so much pleasure and it is hardly surprising that jewellery is our most popular category for gifting.

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We are often more emotionally attached to jewellery than to any other item in our wardrobe. If you ask any woman what is her most cherished item, it will so often be an item of jewellery she plumps for. I remember playing with my mother's jewellery box as a child and being fascinated by all the trinkets she had. My son, who is only two, will twist and turn my rings when he's resting on my lap as though they are some sort of comfort and security to him. He's always known them as part of me, and I think that is true for many of us when it comes to the everyday pieces we wear - they are an extension of our very selves.


Jewellery was important to even the most ancient civilisations - they believed the precious metals and stones warded off evil and were so attached to their adornments that they were often buried with their jewellery hoping it would provide similar fortune in the afterlife. Such is the history and folklore surrounding these shining trinkets - that it is only right that we make every effort to preserve the traditional methods and artisanship used to create the to this day. That is exactly what our artisan jewellery brands here at Gather&See aim to do, with brands like Kind and Barocco using ancient techniques to produce their wares.

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It seems only natural that items so loaded with meaning and depth should be created in a sustainable, way that protects the earth that they have come from and the people who make them. And so we are seeing more and more fair trade and recycled metals being used for jewellery. At the fore of this movement are designers like Little Joy and Little by Little who we are are proud to work with at Gather&See. Little Joy use fair trade gold and sliver to create their stunning designs by hand on the Isle of Wight. Meanwhile Little by Little works with artisans in Peru using traditional methods and an increasing amount of recycled materials. Such precious pieces are not only beautiful to look at but we can be rest assured that they have been made responsibly. Testament to an artfrom that is built on tradition, history and meaning. 

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