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The Perfect Picnic Hamper

Quick! The sun’s out: throw your picnic blanket, the weekend papers and some boulles into your bike basket and head to your nearest park, river or beach for some serious summer relaxation. Here are some healthy seasonal ideas on what to pack in your picnic hamper – buy the ingredients from your local farmers market to ensure they’re organic and locally sourced.

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Chilled soups

Easy to transport in flasks, you can shake up with some ice before serving.

Tomato soup, topped with a gazpacho of chopped tomatoes, diced cucumber, sliced red pepper and chopped basil leaves. Mix gently with a swirl of extra virgin olive oil and salt and pepper.

Beetroot soup is another seasonal option delicious served cold with a decadent dollop of crème fraiche.

Steamed asparagus sprigs, with a hollandaise sauce to dip them in.

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A summer salad

Combine runner beans, peas, broad beans, cucumber and feta with a herb vinaigrette for a simple but sensational summer salad

Eton Mess

Throw together some cream, meringue and gorgeous fresh local strawberries – then it doesn’t matter if they all get shaken up as you traipse across a field to find your perfect picnic spot.

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Fill a flask with fresh chopped strawberries, cucumber, mint, organic lemonade, fizzy water and ice for our favourite summer tipple.

Alternatively take some pink prosecco and adorn with a sprig of mint.

And finally some lovely fresh bread from your local baker to compliment a few gorgeous gooey local cheeses. We make some of the best cheese in Britain: think Stilton, Cornish yarg and a lovely strong cheddar.

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To make sure you look as good as your food does, here are some of our favourite items to wear to a picnic…

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