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The G&S Mum Series: Back to Work

It’s a new mum’s clothing catastrophe. You’ve taken a year off corporate life to indulge in all things baby but now you’re staring down the barrel of a return to your “other” job – the one that pays in money rather than kisses - and you discover your old work wardrobe is either horribly out of fashion, or worse, ill-fitting because your body changed a lot after having a baby.

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What should you do? You’re trying to be ethical so throwing all your old clothes out and starting again is not an otion. But neither can you be seen in the boardroom in the frumpy comfy numbers that have become your uniform on maternity leave. Let’s get real here, you weren’t exactly rocking this season’s looks at your local baby rhyme time class nor did you bother to be glam as you cleared up dried vomit and beetroot puree from your floors.

_0001s _0006_gs -ss 15-9-of -29-front -2Heading back into the world of grown ups where no-one spontaneously sings nursery rhymes or rocks on the spot as if they’re holding a baby (when they’re not) is scary enough as it is without having to worry about how you look while you’re doing it.

M 042upgy1Fear not. We’ve come up with some key items to add to your wardrobe to help you look current and professional. No-one will know your brain is fried from lack of sleep and a dearth of adult conversation. Not from your clothes anyway.

Tricotage Sharon DressJust make sure you check your shoulders for any telltale motherhood detritus before you leave the house…


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