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Style & Substance: Tip 1

Introducing our Style & Substance campaign. With Fashion Revolution Week and Earth Day coming up this month we are bringing to you 5 simple steps to help you shop more mindfully. We'll be covering each step over the coming weeks or you can read the full guide here. And watch out for styling tips and Q&As from a host of G&S Girls all of whom have Style & Substance. Without further ado here is tip numero uno.....

S AND S 1.001 (1)

Start at the beginning and ask yourself what is the provenance of this piece of clothing? The Fashion Revolution campaign is built around what should be a simple question - "WHO MADE YOUR CLOTHES?"

The scary thing is that not only do we as consumers not know, but in many cases big retailers don’t know themselves. Which makes it impossible for them to assure us that men, women, even children have not been exploited in order to make that item as cheaply as fast fashion demands. 

Clothing supply chains are long and murky. TAKE TIME TO SEARCH OUT BRANDS THAT ARE TRANSPARENT and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision. CHOOSE FAIR TRADE items so you can be sure that the farmers, craftsmen and seamstresses who have made your clothes are getting a fair deal. 

What’s more THIS IS A FEMINIST ISSUE - more than 80% of garment industry workers are female - we need to stand in solidarity and insist that they are respected and treated fairly.

Rosalind Oft6 26

Rosalind Dress by CUS - Organic Cotton - Small Scale Production


The Rosalind Dress is made in a small atelier in Barcelona by a number of highly skilled seamstresses. The team work with GOTS certified organic cotton from Pakistan which has been digitally printed using Oeko Tex dyed in Barcelona.

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