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2.5 billion pounds of clothing ends up in landfill every year. That’s an astonishing amount. Our wardrobes are bigger than ever before and we wear each item less. Fast fashion has led to consumers viewing fashion as a disposable commodity and it is high time that changed.  

A few simple steps help extend the life of your clothes so you don’t have to add to problem. Firstly, WASH THEM CORRECTLY. Most of us wash our clothes too often and at too high a temperature. CHECK THE LABEL, TURN THE DIAL DOWN, HAND WASH WHERE YOU CAN. A little love can go a long way. 

When the inevitable happens and a button comes off or a zipper goes - REPAIR RATHER THAN THROW AWAY. You’ll be surprised how simple a little sewing can be, who knows you might even enjoy it. 

Lastly just because you aren’t into something any more doesn’t mean someone else won’t be. RE-HOME YOUR UNWANTED CLOTHES. Shopping for second-clothing is fun, cheap and sustainable. There are now several websites which enable to sell on your cast offs as well as hundreds of local swap sales all over the place so there really is no excuse.


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