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Style & Substance - Stylonylon

As a part of our Style & Substance campaign we have got together a group of inspiring women who demonstrate Style & Substance in their daily lives. Throuhout the campaign we will be bringing you their stories, tips and thoughts about the Fashion Revolution. We are delighted to kick things off with Julia Rebaudo from the beautiful blog Stylonylon. 

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Why is shopping mindfully and asking "Who Made Your Clothes?" important to you as a fashion insider?

I just think moving away from fast fashion is an absolute must if we are to contribute to taking care of our world enviromentally. I also love know how and where a garment is made, it makes it that that more special to me, which is just the way you need to feel about something you want to keep forever. 

Have you found it challenging in the past to shop sustainably? If so, why?

Absolutely! It's been brilliant to discover individual brands making gorgeous pieces but it's hard to keep track of what's new. We are all guilty of just going for what's visible and been put in front of us. 

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Is there one tip from the Style & Substance Guide in particular that resonates with you most?

I love the Repair Rather Than Throw Away. I have a pile for mends, which I'm so useless at doing. But when I do reattach a button or patch a hole it does feel kind of wonderful.

Your blog, Stylonylon, has a very real and authentic feel to it in terms of style and content - do you feel that transparency is important in the fashion industry?

To be honest, I feel very much on the fringe of the fashion industry as a whole! And certainly rules apply to bloggers involving transparency that don't apply to fashion press, so it can be a bit confusing. With my blog I've just tried to be open and transparent which is easy enough to do when it's just your voice.
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Who do you admire for demonstrating both Style & Substance?

Goodness that's a hard one! I remember being super impressed with Natalie Portman for being a fan of Beyond Skin shoes, which was one of the first sustainable fashion brand I discovered, probably over a decade now, and my first ever eco-fashion purchase, a pair of black courts. 

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Lastly - any key picks from the G&S collection and what is it about them that you were drawn to? 

Absolutely in love with the MUD Mimi cropped jeans. Just my style and colour, plus, being cropped I don't have to chop off the hems! Also just spied these gorgeous little espadrille shoes by Menorcan brand Jutelane – and the designer has the same name as me! Love 'The Story' part of your description which tells you these little details!

All Photography by Stylonylon

Be sure to check out Julia's gorgeous blog and beautiful photography on instagram. 

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