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Style & Substance - Lauren McCrostie

We are delighted to introduce the actress and ethical fashion advocate Lauren McCrostie as this weeks #StyleAndSubstance star. Lauren has a great passion for ethical fashion and inspires us in her dedication to the cause. We took her up to a hot tin roof overlooking London to discuss all things sustainable. Here's what she had to say:


When did you become interested in living more sustainably and what was it that prompted you to do so?

I worked on a short film in the summer of 2014 and I was in love with the costume designers personal wardrobe. I was amazed and inspired when she revealed to me that she only bought items second hand. She went on to explain why she chose to do this and continued to enlighten me with how destructive and wasteful the fashion industry is. This sparked my journey, but many other revelations have fuelled and revitalised my passion for it (including zero waste activist Lauren Singer and the documentary ‘The True Cost’)



Lauren in Osei Duro's Akomo Knit Tank, Osei Duro's Veronica Troursers and Matt&Nat's Drapeau Slides

Have you struggled with any aspects in particular or found challenges?

Sometimes there is the issue of coming across to proud and preachy. People begin to think that you look down on them and their views, but really its not like that at all. I am just happy living in complete alignment with my values. Those around me are sometimes put off by this certainity and take it as me being arrogant, but really i’m just so grateful that I stumbled upon this way of living as  I truly feel like its the ‘right’ thing for me. 

What are the benefits of shopping sustainably?

SO MANY! I do it for myself, the earth and others. It helps everything and everyone an unquestionable amount.


Do you think that your generation is becoming more engaged and interested in ethical fashion? If not how can we inspire more of an interest?

I hope so. I think perhaps the generation after mine is doing it even more so too - I think it has slightly increased prominence in the schooling curriculum, as teaching the young is so so important to ignite lasting change (god I sound old!)

Anyone you admire for having both Style & Substance?

Emma Watson for sure!

Any simple tips for how to live more sustainably in your daily life for those just starting out on the journey?

Just start taking a slower pace when it comes to purchasing things - ask yourself questions: ‘do i know where this comes from?’ ‘is this harming anyone?’ ‘am i really going to wear this’ “do I really need this?’ ‘do i want this? or do i want this because i want to satisfy someone else (whether that be a friend, society, spouse etc..’ 


Lastly top picks from G&S for the summer please! 

The Red Dress by Conditions Apply, the white Matt and Nat Bona Ventura sneakers and the Roxy Jo dress by Rikya!!

Everythinghappensforareson Oft25 48

RoxyJoDress (1)


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