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GET TO KNOW THE STORY BEHIND A BRAND, learn its history and appreciate its heritage. In supporting small scale brands who work with skilled craftsmen and artisans you are helping to keep traditional techniques alive. 

SEEK OUT LIMITED COLLECTIONS AND HANDMADE PIECES. To wear something that is one of a small run or even handmade is something truly special and something that we need to protect. Small fashion labels who run their own production facilities and who know their workers individually are able to maintain tighter control and ensure their principles and values are held strong throughout. TRACEABILITY IS KEY.

Taking time to learn about how these brands produce their goods will make wearing them all the more enjoyable. Think of it as building a relationship with the brand, even with the piece of clothing. Supporting these brands ensures their survival, giving us an alternative choice to mass produced. A choice to be different and to demand better. Now, more than ever we need to PROTECT DIVERSITY AND THE OPTION TO CHOOSE AN ALTERNATIVE. 

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