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Story Behind Tinsels

We caught up with Remi, one half of the duo behind behind Tinsels, our brand new French brand. Rich in heritage the team use archive prints to create an exquisite collection of pieces with attention to detail second to none. Read more about their story below.



Tell us the story behind Tinsels?

Me and my associate got to know each other on the benches of Esmod Lyon. I was moving towards clothes creation whereas Julien explored the richness of textile. After 10 rich years of professional experience, we decided to meet again to create Tinsels, a women’s wear brand which shines like the mirror of our desire to achieve an easy and up to date outline, inheritage of craft and know how.

IMG_0633 Moins Large

 Who is the typical Tinsels woman?

 The typical Tinsels woman is a cultivated and open-minded women, she has a passion for art and craft and for travels. She pays attention to beautiful details, fabrics and prints.   

 You work with traditional French mills and use heritage prints in your collections, what is the benefit of this?

We work with mills around Lyon because we are very attached to the textile heritage of Lyon. There was an important tradition of silk industry around Lyon, especially during the 19th century. Nowadays, there are only some rests of this industry, that’s why it is important for us to support this local textile culture. These mills have a tradition of high quality fabrics that really matters to us. 

It’s also important for us to be able to work closely with textile manufacturers because we develop our own distinctive fabrics which are part of the creative identity of Tinsels. 


Please can you tell us a bit about the production of your collection - where and how is it produced?

As far as the fabrics are concerned, we work with a few mills in the area of Lyon. They are making the weaving all our « yarn-dyed » fabrics, and the dyeing and finishing of plain fabrics. We also work closely with Italy for digital printing, « jacquard » weaving, the knitting of our pullovers, and the making of our accessories. Our clothing manufacturers are situated in Hungary. 


 What is the design inspiration behind your latest collection?

 Most of the time, it’s a place that inspire me. For the current spring summer collection, I was inspired by Moroccan desert. 

We particularly love the prints which we understand come from the mill's archive - can you tell us a bit about their design?

Julien owns some mill’s archives from his grandfather. We draw inspiration from these textile samples to develop some of our prints (we especially made an « archive » line in the past winter collection). This heritage is modernized to make it contemporary. All our prints are designed in our own studio, and most of them are hand painted with watercolor.

Gypsy Top

 What are your future plans and dreams for Tinsels?

 We would love to keep on growing as a brand, and especially getting more visibility. We also have the project to open our own first boutique. 

 Finally, why is sustainable fashion important to you?

 It’s important because we wish that those high quality cloths, carefully thought and created by us and then made by partners, are those to which our clients will get attached. 

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