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Story behind Seek Collective

We asked Carol Miltimore, the talented designer behind Seek Collective, to tell her story. 

A few years ago I traveled to India with a one-way plane ticket to participate in an artist residency. On this initial journey, I traveled all over the country alone exploring different areas as well as meeting with various artisans specializing in different mediums including block printing and hand loom weaving. At the start of the trip some friends in Delhi gifted me a pair of silk crepe pants which I soon found myself living in.  By the time I left a few months later I had prototyped hand block printed silk crepe pants and these became the beginnings of Seek.

After working as a designer for the last decade at brands ranging from Haute Couture to mass market I knew that if I were to stay in the apparel industry, then I’d have to do it differently. My goal with Seek Collective is to produce modern relevant silhouettes and luxury textiles while investigating how to produce in a way that is conscious and responsible to the producers and this planet as well as showcases the process with transparency to the customers. 

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