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Story Behind Carla Colour

Tell us the story behind your brand?

Carla Colour was born from my love of vintage eyewear and colour. I was struggling to find glasses I wanted to wear, so I decided to make my own. Translating my studies in colour theory to eyewear design was also part of the process. I’ve always loved the idea of a ‘Futuristic Throwback’. In other words, what people in the past thought the future would look like. I love this concept and tend to always direct my personal style with this in mind!


Who is the typical Carla Colour customer?

Someone who loves self expression and isn’t afraid to make a colourful statement with their style.

You use a unique zyl acetate made from wood pulp and cotton fibres - how did you come about this material?
Zyl acetate is a high quality material that allows hues to be embedded within, creating rich color that won’t peel or fade. The material originates from wood and cotton fibres, which are both renewable resources, and it is highly durable and light-weight for comfort.

Can you tell us a bit about the production of the collection?

I go through extensive colour selections at the start of my design process each season. I work closely with my manufacturing team to create beautiful colour combinations between acetate frame + sunglass lens.

In production we use high quality CR-39 Lenses which provide 100% UVA/UVB protection. Our ZYL acetate frames are all hand-made and are fitted with five gear hinges (rather than the standard three gear hinge) to make glasses extremely durable and secure.

When developing new frame shapes I call on my love of geometry + minimalist design. I aim to create classic wearable frames with a personality twist in fashion-forward colour palettes.

Carla Colour glasses have clean + minimal engraved branding. I choose to avoid unnecessary embellishments in my designs.

Our eyewear cases are handmade, using only vegetable-tanned leather. We believe this is a much better option than standard bulky plastic eyewear cases.

We create 2 limited edition collections per year to avoid waste, and always try to embrace the slow-fashion movement in everything we do.

Prod Ash Haze


What is the design inspiration behind your collection?

My latest collection was inspired by the desert Planet Jakku, Kenzo Okada’s romantic pastel palettes + ‘Authentic Celestial Music’ by The Dirty Three.

What is it that you love about designing eyewear?

I wear glasses everyday so they are my essential accessory! I love the authenticity that designing eyewear brings, because I will only ever create a style I would wear on my own face.

What are your future plans and dreams for Carla Colour?

Be authentic. Take risks. Have fun.
I believe that self expression in style should be a daily adventure.... and so I want to keep creating with that always in mind.

Finally, why is ethical fashion so important to you?

I aim to approach all facets of my life with responsibility and morality. Carla Colour is simply an extension of that! From being environmentally conscious to embracing diversity, I do my best to create responsibly.

I believe that personal expression is an extremely important part of our identities and contributes to the fabric of society + culture. When I set up Carla Colour, I promised myself I would only create collections I truly believed in, and I hope in some small way this helps others express themselves in style and feel great! 

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