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Spotlight on People Tree

For 25 years People Tree has led the way in pioneering ethical fashion. The brand purchases Fair Trade products from marginalized producer groups in the developing world to produce a gorgeous collection of wearable, feminine pieces. People Tree spoke to some of their producers to explain more about their lives and work and put faces to the question "Who made my clothes?" 

(L) Ms . Chandra Singh , (R) Ms . Shakuntala Nadar , Creative Handicrafts , India -2


Job: Centre In-charge

What do you like about working for Creative Handicrafts?

I enjoy working together with the other women at Creative Handicrafts. It’s great to be able to talk, share and get support from each other.

Can you tell us about your typical daily routine?

I start my working days at 5am, fill water, prepare meals for the day and sit down with my daughter to have breakfast together. I finish my daily chores and set off for work to start at 9:30am. I conduct a prayer to begin the day and check the employee attendance. I also check the progress of all cutting and stitching. I check every piece and also stitch a couple of pieces myself. My lunch is at 1pm and I leave work at 6pm. I prepare tea, relax for a while and prepare dinner for me and my daughter. I pray with my daughter, we have supper together and go to sleep at 10:30pm. 

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Job: Stitching Operator

What do you like about working for Creative Handicrafts?

I like to stitch, especially new patterns. I like working together as a group with the other women at Creative Handicrafts, there is great unity in our team.

Can you tell us about your typical daily routine?

I get up at 5:30am and cook both breakfast and lunch for my family. My husband goes to work and takes the children to their classes. I leave for work at 8:30am to start at 9:30am. I stitch around eight to ten easy pieces or two to three difficult ones a day. I have my lunch break at 1pm and I go home at 6pm. My children prepare tea for me and after a bit of relaxation I prepare dinner for my family. I go to sleep by 11pm. 



Job: Senior Hand Block Master

What do you like about working for Kumudini?

I feel proud and happy to work at Kumudini. It is the ideal company and the overall atmosphere is very good.

Can you tell us about your typical daily routine?

I wake up in the early morning and start the day with a Namaj prayer. I take my grandson and granddaughters to school and I return home for breakfast. I set off at 8:45am to start work at 9am. I have one hour lunch break at 1pm and I work until 5pm. At 5pm I head home, it's not too far from the office. I like to spend time with my family and friends in the evenings, go to the market to do the shopping and have a dinner. I relax watching TV and I go to bed at around 10pm. 



Job: Assistant Tailor 

What do you like about working for Artisan Hut? 

I like the working environment and the capacity building Artisan Hut provide. I enjoyed participating in the World Fair Trade Day last year and meeting with other Fair Trade organisations and staff. 

Can you tell us about your daily working routine? 

I live with my mother, brother and sister in the Ashkona region of Dhaka, just a 10 minute walk from the office. I usually wake up at 7 o’clock in the morning and get ready to go to the office. After having my breakfast, I leave the house at 8:45am to be ready to start work at 9am. I have my lunch at home together with my family. I finish work at 5pm and go back home. I normally rest, watch TV and help my mother with cooking. I also like to visit my family and friends at their homes. I have dinner together with my mother and my brother and sister at 8pm and I go to bed early at around 9pm. 

 Hosna Akter , Artisan Hut , Bangladesh -2


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