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Refresh & Renew

January is the perfect time to embark on a little wardrobe detox. Follow our simple mantra of tidy, refresh and renew. You'll feel like a new person, and your wadrobe wiil thank you for it.

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Start by clearing everything out - by re-folding and re-organizing you will make your wardrobe easier to manage and will remind you what you have. For an in depth guide on how to tidy (yes there is a correct way!) check out Marie Kondo. Arrange your clothes by category, making it easy to put together an outfit by mixing and matching. It will also show you where obvious gaps in your wardrobe lie.

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Clothes need care. By looking after them properly you can extend their lifespan, keep them in tip top condition and avoid unnecessarily adding to the 350,000 tonnes of clothing we send to landfill every year in the UK. We recommend washing at 30 to protect fabrics and preserve energy and handwashing more delicate items. Avoid dry cleaning where you can as the process uses harmful chemicals. And finally get your sewing kit out to mend and repair the odd missing button or zip -you'll be amazed at how satisfying you will find it.

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Choose a few new items well that you will get maximum wears from. A few well made key pieces that can be mixed and matched will form the basis of a paired down wardrobe. The look is simple and clean so that you can add to it with accessories and more whimsical pieces. P.i.C's capsule collection is a great place to start - their poplin shirt is an obvious choice and the clever Hackney Jumpsuit, now available in Blue provides 2 outfits in one. Be sure to choose the best, most sustaianably sourced fabrics you can - Kowtow's organic cotton trench is a great example of a thought through wadrobe staple meanwhile a great pair of jeans (MUD are the best) will provide more wears per spend than you can shake a stick at.

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Try and keep the approach going throughout the year. A healthier, happier wardrobe to enjoy for years to come!

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