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Reflections, Hopes and Dreams - Looking forward to the BIG Year Ahead!

New Years Eve is over-hyped. False jollity, hiked up prices and miserable weather doesn’t make for a happy anything in my view. But as much as I much as I maintain my scroogeish approach to all the fuss there is something about the watershed moment as we move from one year to the next that puts me in a reflective mood that is unique to this time of year.

For us 2013 has been about enlightenment and foundation building. In April Steph and I came up with the essence of what we wanted to create and achieve through Gather&See and how we want to support the ethical fashion industry. In June we spent a happy evening discussing the importance of doing something positive with our lives over one too many bottles of Prosecco and Steph showed Amy (G&S BFF) and I this amazing film on empathy (http://www.ted.com/talks/jeremy_rifkin_on_the_empathic_civilization.html which I have been banging on about ever since. Take a look – it is only 5 minutes long and encapsulates where we are coming from really well.

Then came the crowd-funding. We shouted from the rooftops all about our Indie Go Go campaign, pestering our nearest and dearest and spreading the word wherever we could. Thankfully it worked and we raised an amazing £5,000. On top of that we were delighted by the response we received from bloggers, journalists and industry insiders. All of this we hope bodes well for our launch in March. Talking of which, how about 2014?

For us it is going to be about giving it our all. It will be about education and discovery and we can’t wait. We will be bringing together a roster of incredible names to watch out for 2014. Upstate, Osei Duro, Cus and Kowtow are just three that we know are going to be huge hits this year and we are raring to get going.

The website is under construction and if we do say so ourselves it is looking great! With all of this along with not one but TWO Gather&See weddings coming up this year I can’t help but get butterflies in my stomach. So with that let’s raise a glass to 2014 – what a year it is shaped up to be!!!!

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