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Q&A - Woron

We are passionate about telling you the stories behind our brands - and what better way to do it than straight from the horses mouth, in the words of our designers themselves. This time it is the turn of Woron who we have interiewed about why producing their collection in an Eco Friendly way is so important to them. 

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Can you tell us a little about what being eco-friendly means to Woron?

Our inspiration comes from our 3 keywords: Sustainable Fashion Essentials. This is the essence that we kept coming back to when we were still in the planning stages and brainstorming our ideas for our brand. We have a very minimalistic Scandinavian approach and what we find fascinating, is that something so simple and clean can be so attractive. This is also the message that we want to get across, that less definitely can be more.

We are very passionate about our work and it is very important for us to feel good about every step we take. And that is also why we are sustainably conscious from the crafting, to the handling of each product and finally to the timeless design that can stay in your wardrobe season after season - year after year.

We believe that sustainability is not just the future, it is now! It is the way to contribute to significantly decreasing the carbon footprint of each product we put out into the world; and making each piece that much more enjoyable.

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What inspired you to create a label that was eco-friendly?

Our sustainable focus when it comes to our brand is a natural extension of how we gennerally live our everyday lives, our appreciation for all living beings and nature. So that WORON had to be a brand with a sustainable focus throughout the supply chain, was just the only way for us to go about it.

We want to feel good about every step we take and every piece that we put out into the world. And in order to do this, we just had to look back at how we did not want things to be made, based on the experiences made from working within the fashion industry.

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What materials do you use that are eco-friendly?

Every underwear garment is sewn in a family-owned factory in Europe from sustainably sourced fabric called Lenzing Modal (Öko-tex certified), which is a fine, smooth fiber made from beech wood. 

Our modal is created by turning the wood into pulp, extracting the fiber and then reconstituting the fiber so that it can be spun into fabric. The beech wood used in our Modal production is from sustainable forestry plantations growing native trees. 

The Lenzing fiber is also produced in Europe, so we keep each step as close to 'home' as possible.

The fabric is cool to the touch and very absorbent, meaning less waste of water. 

Furthermore, the fabric is more resistant to shrinkage, fading and graying than cotton, thereby extending its lifespan. And it is just great for underwear because it is both super soft (has a silky touch) that gives that luxurious feel that we are aiming for and it is also a fabric that naturally has an antibacterial property because of its plant origin.

Our mission is to create underwear that is beautiful yet comfortable and will have longevity, so that you won't have to throw out your favourite garment every few months to stay chic. 


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How does being eco-friendly benefit your producers?

The factory that we work with has a very high standard and has been making underwear garments for many generations. They are quite dedicated to being eco-friendly as well and that is why we partnered up with them from the get go.

But just the fact, that the workers can be sure that the textiles/ fabrics that they work with, are clean and non-toxic, is of course of benefit for them as well.

Where do you see the industry going in the future?

We believe and hope that ‘fast fashion’ will in some way be replaced by a ‘slow fashion’ thinking/ design approach.


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