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Q&A - A Peace Treaty

As we continue to delve into each of our Philosophies we were delighted to catch up with the inspiring Dana Arbib, founder and designer of A Peace Treaty to ask her why HERITAGE is such an important Philosophy to her and how it translates in her work.

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Why is heritage design important for your label? 

I grew up seeing my father use the same tailor workshop he used in Rome that his father used. Handmade heritage production techniques have always been what represents true luxury for me. 

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How do you work with your producers to celebrate ancient techniques & crafts?

I like to find out what each producer's strength is and design into that. I try to push them out of their comfort zone which usually surprises both of us at the end. It's about taking risks, knowing what works, and collaborating together to produce special and unique pieces. 


What particular techniques have you used in recent collections?

For spring we are using silk woven on handlooms, block printing on silk garments, beading, and crochet handmade in Peru. 

How do your producers benefit from working with these techniques?

These are the techniques they know that have been passed down to them from their family. Again, we try and have them thinking out of the box when working with us so things do not look too traditional. 

A Peace Treaty - Mihara Cobalt (1)

A Peace Treaty - Mihara Pink (1)

What do you envision for the future of heritage techniques?

I hope more and more people will pass these techniques to younger generations. I also hope the world will see the beauty in handmade. I think Europe has always embraced these techniques, but hopefully the rest of the world will catch onto the idea of one of a kind handmade pieces. Instead of looking at imperfections as flaws, they will see them as marks of beauty. 



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