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Our Philosophies - Heritage

Our HERITAGE Philosophy is all about celebrating and protecting ancient techniques and know-how used by craftsmen and women around the world. The fast fashion phenomenon demands that garments are created quicker, cheaper and with little skill needed which has meant traditional techniques have been thrown to the wayside and the market for such products eroded.


Here is why our HERITAGE brands are so important:

  • They provide artisans with a market and work with them to produce exquisite and modern collectionss.
  • They safeguard of techniques that have been used by artisans for hundreds of years.
  • They use traditional know-how to create sustainable employment in developing countries.
  • They support traditional craftsmaship here in the UK.
  • They celebrate handmade, small scale production.
  • They provide you the customer with something truly unique and special - a reminder of the personal connection between maker and wearer.





"Our Heritage brands use traditional techniques and craftsmanship to produce their unique products with utmost care and expertise. Preserving these techniques helps to maintain sustainable employment for artisan communities whose livelihoods depend upon using skills that have been passed down from generation to generation. And we are the lucky ones who get to enjoy the end product."

Discover our HERITAGE Edit:

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More about HERITAGE...

Read our Q&A with the inspirational Dana Arbib, the founder and designer of A Peace Treaty. A Peace Treaty work with talented craftsmen all over the world to create beautiful heritage collections. Read the interview here.

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