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Our Philosophies - Fair Trade

FAIR TRADE is a philosophy all about respect between human beings. Our Fair Trade brands ensure that they pay their suppliers a fair price and that their employees are also paid a fair and living wage and provided with job security, development and training. Millions of garment industry workers from cotton farmers to seamstresses are not paid fairly in order to keep costs down and product prices as low as the fast fashion system demands. Our Fair Trade brands take care of their employees and pay a Living Wage whilst others also work with Fairtrade certified materials.

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What are the benefits of shopping Fair Trade?

  • Ensuring that all those who have worked hard to produce your beautiful clothes have been paid fairly for their time an amount that they can actually survive on - A Living Wage.
  • Ensuring your clothing has been made following Fair Trade and Living Wage principles helps to ensure no one has been exploited in order to make the clothing cheap. Exploitation is a key issue within fast fashion and the more we demand Fair Trade, the harder it will be for companies to exploit the work force.
  • Farmers, garment workers and brands need to be self sufficient to maintain truly sustainable development, paying them fairly will allow them to acheive this goal.
  • Domino effect- the more we demand Fair Trade practise to be incorporated into the fashion industry and the more we insist upon Living Wages being paid, the more large manufacturers will have to listen and make changes. 

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"Fair Trade Certification - several of our brands have been awarded Fair Trade certification through the FLO (Fairtrade Labelling Organization). Certification guarantees that Fairtrade principles are being met. Whilst other of our brands have not applied for certification (which can be costly) we state clearly in our designer pages how they are working to Fair Trade standards and details of how they support their employees via a Living Wage and additional benefits."

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