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Our Philosophies - Eco Friendly

Protecting our beautiful planet is of the highest importance to Gather&See. Our ECO FRIENDLY brands lead the way in working innovatively to minimize the impact that fashion production has on the earth. Fashion and textiles is the second most polluting industry after oil - a shocking fact that should inspire more fashion brands to think about how to reduce carbon emissions, water pollution and chemical usage.


How our ECO FRIENDLY brands protect the environment:

  • Reducing wastage through the use of recycled materials.
  • Reducing water usage. Huge amounts of water are required for textile production and much of it is contaminated by chemicals and dyes. Our eco friendly brands look to addressing this by using methods that use less water.
  • Developing and using innovative materials as alternatives to traditional materials. These include Tencel, Modal and Organic Cotton.
  • Reducing carbon emissions that contribute to global warming. All of our Eco Friendly brands 
  • Vegan production - several of our Eco Friendly brands are Vegan.



"Now, more than ever before, we have to face up to climate change and tackle it head on. For the sake of future generations we must take action now, and as governments hesitate it is doubly important that we, as individuals take every step we can to reducing our carbon footprint. Our consumption of clothing is a key way in which we can do this - choose wisely and put pressure on clothing retailers to work in a more environmentally friendly way. This means looking to innovative manufacturing processes and materials that can help make production more sustainable."

Discover our ECO FRIENDLY edit:

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More about ECO FRIENDLY....

Read our interview with the wonderful Woron. Woron produce eco friendly underwear and have become a firm G&S favourite since we launched them in the UK back in 2015. Emma Watson is a huge fan. 

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