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MUD Jeans: Cleaning Up Our Own Mess

For a long time we have been looking for a denim brand that truly addresses sustainability. Jeans are a wardrobe staple for pretty much everyone with most of us owning numerous pairs but production of this cotton based garment has a heavy toll on the environment. In fact, the production of an average pair of jeans requires a mind-boggling 11,000 litres of water. Think about how many pairs of jeans you own now, how many pairs you have had throughout your life and the footprint is really staggering.

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We also know that denim wears; part of its attraction is the softening of the cotton to mould to your shape, even the odd tear adds to the character of a pair of well-loved jeans. But inevitably a time does come where you can't wear them anymore, that one last rip that puts the out of action for good. At that point most of us still throw our beloved denims into the bin, adding to the 350,000 tonnes of clothing that ends up in landfill every year. And that's not cool.

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Enter into the fray (so to speak) MUD Jeans. This award-winning Danish denim brand is built upon a circular economy and has sustainability at its heart. "What if we all clean up our own mess?" This simple idea was the beginning of the MUD way of thinking. The brand recycles old jeans to make its new jeans - once you are done with yours you can send them to MUD and you will get a discount on your next pair. They also work with the Better Cotton Initative for their new cotton. Each pair of jeans is designed so that they are easier to be recycled. It makes complete sense - producing a pair of MUD Jeans uses an amazing 78% less water than an average pair of jeans and produces 61% less CO2 emissions. That is quite an acheivement.

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How about the fit, I hear you ask? Isn't that the all important thing when it comes to a pair of jeans? Well, we are delighted to say that they couldn't be better. From the classic Skinny in the perfect denim blue and timeless black to a slouchy soft Boyfriend style and a fashion forward straight-leg Cropped pair, the brand ticks all of the boxes to perfection. So next time your favourite denims finally bite the dust be sure to think circular and try MUD. You won't be disappointed.

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Learn more about MUD Jeans HERE.

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