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January Detox - Reassessing Your Wardrobe

I don't know about you but after all the fun and indulgence of Christmas we feel about ready to strip things back and embark upon a good old cliched January detox. Of course we mean a detox in the traditional sense - cutting out the booze, the cheese, the chocolate... but also January is a great time to take a look at your wardrobe and set your intentions for a more mindful approach to your sartorial choices for the year ahead.

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Whilst this might make you roll your eyes, we promise it will make you feel so much better - not only the process of detoxing itself, but also the impact it will have on your shopping habits. A good wardrobe detox will help you to learn to love your clothes again, find enjoyment in shopping more mindfully and make you feel more organized and in control. 



So where to start. First of all look at what you have already got. Our guess is too much stuff! We own more clothes than we have ever done before and the majority of them don't even get worn. This means our wardrobes are full of items just taking up space. Be honest about what you wear and what you don't and make three piles - pieces you wear and want to keep, pieces you don't wear at all and acknowledge its time to get rid and pieces that you don't wear right now but think you might wear if you just found the time to get repaired, alterered or just re-style a bit. There's bound to be the odd item that you feel emotionally tied to but try and be as ruthless as you can and if it is something that you really can't part with then package it up carefully and store somewhere out of the way. 

Next, you need to find a way to dispose of the pieces you no longer need. Landfills are overspilling and clothing (especially cheaper pieces) can take years, even hundreds of years to decompose. So, to state the obvious, don't chuck them in the bin. Take a look at the quality and condition of what you are getting rid of - there are now plenty of resale sites for all types of clothing from high street right up to designer and you might be surprised with what you can get for your old garms. All it takes is a couple of pictures and we could all do with a little extra cash at this time of year. You might also want to consider sending to a charity shop - in this case make sure the items are clean and in good condition so that they end up being re-sold rather than sent straight back to landfill.


If you are a neat freak you probably won't need the next step, but if you tend to be a little disorganized and prone to not hanging and folding properly then this is the big resolution you need to make. Take an extra 15 minutes to properly iron, fold and put away your clothes in a systematic way. It sounds so simple but this will change your life, take it from us. Check out Marie Kondo's books for the best advice on how to go about this but it will save you so much time and stress each and every morning and make getting dressed so much more enjoyable.

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And now, the really fun bit. Filling in the gaps. Once you have stripped back your wardrobe you will be able to see much more clearly what it is that you need. Try to think about creating a capsule wardrobe full of items that can be worn in lots of different combinations. (Our Ethical Essentials Edit is a great place to start). The ideas of buying less but better and getting more wears per buy really come into their own here. Look at the fabrics you are buying carefully. Where possible choose good quality organic cottons and natural fabrics. These are not only better for the enviornment but better for you, an better for the people who make them. Take your time before making purchases to consider that it is something that you really want and really need. It will make it so much sweeter when you do come to buy it.

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Last but not least think about your clothing as a part of your lifestyle and shop brands that reflect your values. We hope that our Philosophies will help you to do exactly that whether you are embracing Veganism or looking to shop more Fair Trade. Putting the thought in will help you get so much more out of it. Now after all that hard work, time for a glass of wine... 

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