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In Focus: Organic

ORGANIC is one of the most popular of our Philsophies at Gather&See - it is something that really resonates with a lot of people. It figures that if we eat organic, then we should think about investing in organic clothing too. Read on to discover why buying organic is important and how our brands demonstrate this in their collections.

Why Choose Organic?

Choosing a piece of clothing that is organic guarantees a safer working environment for those producing the fabric. Up to 77 million cotton workers suffer poisoning and skin reactions to pesticides every year. By emliminating pesticides organic cotton offers a safer environment for workers and their families.  

An unbelievable 95% of cotton seed farming in India is controlled by one GM company. Supporting smaller organic farmers gives them freedom from these vast companies and their monopolies. Working on a smaller scale and within their limits using traditional techniques benefits these farmers and they are more likely to be part of Fair Trade initatives. Oranic cotton farmers also grow a variety of crops to maintain soil fertility which can help diversify their income and provide a backup income to cotton.

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The water pollution of organic cotton production has been shown to be 98% less than that of non organic cotton production. This helps keep drinking water and rivers safe and clean for those that live around them but also for the animals and marine life that are depend on them. Organic farming also leads to more efficient water usage and healthier soil which in turn helps give higher yields of crops  in countries that frequently face drought and food shortages.

Climate change is one of the greatest threats facing humanity today. The threat is real and urgent. Organic farming releases less CO2 in the air than regular farming.


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As we all know the skin is the body's largest organ. So why would we put clothing that has been made with potentially hazardous and cancer causing chemicals in direct contact with it? Greenpeace's Detox campaign highlighted the fact that many brands have been found to be selling items containing higher than recommended levels of chemicals including NPE's which can affect hormones.  


Our longtime partner Kowtow's entire collection is made form 100% certified organic cotton, from their super soft basic t-s to printed dresses and woven cotton knits. The cotton is grown in Orissa, India and then transferred to Kolkata where their collections are produced in one Fair Trade factory which only works with certified organic cotton. In addition all fabric is dyed using Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS) approved dyes which are free of hazardous elements such as nickel, lead, formaldehyde, amines, pesticides and heavy metals. For an insight into Kowtow's inspiring production check out their brilliant Seed to Garment Film.

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Copenhagen based Tricotage put a big emphasis on including beautifully weighted organic cotton in every collection. The brand uses GOTS Certified organic cotton which is then dyed with Oeko-Tex dyes and turned into their trademark laidback dresses at thier factory in Lithuania. 

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Cus is all about crafting beautiful clothes with conscience. Based in Barcelona, the brand selects all of their fabrics according to high quality standards and from companies that demonstrate an ongoing commitment to reducing environmental impact. The clothing is dyed in Europe and is completely free of any toxic substances. Cus only use mills that ensure that wastewater is correctly treated before being returned to the environment. We use organic cotton made in France, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Turkey and Pakistan. It is all GOTS certified.

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What is GOTS?

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GOTS is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain. 

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