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G&S Travels: Forest Holidays

Us G&S girls love nothing better than a weekend away - throw in eco-friendly accommodation, nature and a spot of luxury and we are in heaven. Let us introduce you,then, to Forest Holidays. Situated in the heart of some of Britain's most beautiful forests, Forest Holidays specialize in gorgeous cabins and treehouse accommodation with little touches of luxury like woodburners and hot tubs. If you love nature but camping is a bit too much then these cabins are the answer - allowing you to feel at one with the outdoors whilst indulging yourself at the same time.

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We all get caught up in the frenetic pace of modern life and when it comes to switching off there is no better way to do it than reconnecting with nature. The idea of disappearing amongst ancient forests, a million miles away from the 24/7 chaos of the city is our sort of break. We can practically smell the pine needles! Whether you want to get together with a bunch of your best girlfriends for a serious catch up or put aside some one on onetime with your man, a secluded log cabin with roaring log burner and hot tub is, let's face it, the ideal setting.

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Go in the height of summer when you can enjoy long evenings on your verandah or in late autumn when you can ogle at the russet leaves and snuggle up by the log burner with a glass of red. Either way make sure you make it out of your cabin to take in the beauty of the forest - there are amazing walks or for the more energetic amongst you activities like freewheeling, canoeing and climbing (eeek). If, like us, you don't actually know what freewheeling is, then the in-cabin spa treatments might be more up your street. Whichever floats your boat, the end result is the same: pure unadulturated relaxation.

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Also if you are like us,  you will relax better knowing that you are protecting the environment at the same time. In partnership with the Forestry Commission, Forest Holidays put the environment and sustainability at the forefront of its ethos with properties built to reflect and support the natural surroundings. Everything is managed with eco-sensitivity in mind and they even have 'green champions' at each property tasked with ensuring the environment is looked after - from building bat boxes to overseeing the recycling practise. Serious eco-values and serious relaxation, what more can you ask for!

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If you are feeling the call of the forest then let us give you a little treat - 10% off at Forest Holidays just for G&S customers! 

Simply enter code GATHER10 for 10% any booking for 2016 or 2017 valid until end August (more Ts&Cs below).

For more on Forest Holidays visit www.forestholidays.co.uk

What to wear for your forest adventure....



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Ts&Cs: The code entitles the user to 10% off the cost of a cabin booking only, at any of Forest Holidays nine locations. The code cannot be applied to activities and extras. The code must be used at the time of booking, it cannot be added retrospectively and cannot be used with any other offer, promotion or prize. The code will expire at midnight on 31 August 2016. Forest Holidays reserve the right to change or withdraw the code without notice.





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