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G&S Life: Reflexology with Undo

Gather&See is all about being mindful in our approach to fashion from how it is produced to how we consume it. In our G&S Life features we will be covering how we can be more mindful in other aspects of our lives from health to beauty to diets, even holidays. To kick things off we met with the lovely Holly Moore from Undo reflexology to discuss her inspiring approach to wellbeing and to sample the practise ourselves. Read all about why you need Holly in your life here!

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"I've always had a positive association with feet, my Mum used to rub my feet as a child to calm me down if I was over the top or stressed." Holly has a long held appreciation of the therapeutic power of reflexology and talking to her it is clear that her belief in the importance of wellbeing in mind, body and soul is something inherent in her. 

Holly began practising reflexology after becoming disenchanted with her job in the fashion industry. Searching for something more authentic, that she truly believed in Reflexology quickly became an obvious choice. Holly is passionate about the need to slow down and take time out of our super fast paced lives to become more in tune with our bodies and to take a more considered approach to wellbeing. In practising Reflexology, Holly enables her clients to do just that.

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"We need to stop seeing treatments such as a Reflexology session or a massage as a treat or an extravagance" Holly says. She goes on to explain that many of us leading busy and stressful lives frequently find ourselves in fight or flight mode inducing high levels of anxiety and adrenalin which need addressing. Taking time out to slow down, re-tune and re-balance via a treatment should be a necessity, even a part of our regular maintenance like a trip to the gym or a leg wax. I'm suddenly conscious of the tension in my shoulders, the million things running through my mind from work deadlines to what my toddler's going to have for supper to whether I remembered to put the bin out this morning. Trival things yes, but juggling around in my mind at a rate of knots. 

We went on to talk about quality of sleep. A bone of contention for me personally having a lovely little boy that doesn't sleep well, I rarely have an unbroken nights sleep and mornings start from 5.When my head does hit the pillow I am straight out like a light - none of that lovely drifting off, slowly exhaling the pressures of the day and decompressing into a state of calm. I think how so many people must feel exactly the same, whether it is work, relationships or just the pace of life in the digital age that keeps us from relaxing properly. Young, relatable practitioners like Holly can help readjust that balance.    

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So how does Reflexology help? Based on ancient techniques Holly applies specifically applied pressure to points on the feet bringing on a deep state of relaxation that will chill you out no end. But more than that, reflexology can also stimulate and support the body's natural healing processes. A means of maintaining balance and wellbeing, reflexology can help to relieve symptoms and restore calm. As well as reducing stress and anxiety Reflexology can boost immunity, aid digestion and increase circulation. It stimulates detoxification, balances hormones and can even promote fertility.

The treatment itself was mindblowingly relaxing. Holly talked me through the points on my feet and what part of the body they connect to (we have thousands of nerve endings in our feet) and was able to detect certain areas that she felt were 'congested' or where I held tension. I was worried about not being able to relax or feeling ticklish but as Holly expertly massaged the points on my feet I zenned out completely - the treatment gave me a sense of space and of clarity of thought that I have never had through a regular massage. For me that is something quite invaluable and I can see how when done regularly it would make you not only feel better emotionally and physically but also how it could make you more productive and efficient at work and at home. It's a no brainer really, if we are going to be mindful about our clothes, let's be mindful about our bodies too!


Holly's practise 'Undo' is based in London and she offers at home treatments (no excuses as you don't even have to go anywhere!). We couldn't recommend her highly enough - one session you will wonder how you ever did without. 

Book your session here: https://weundo.co.uk/.

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