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G&S Girl: Julie Mayhew

October's Gather&See girl is the actress and writer Julie Mayhew. A supporter of Gather&See from the very beginning, Julie is a firm believer in ethical fashion. Her latest novel, Mother Tongue, is out now.


What or who inspires you? 

Damon Albarn, Margaret Atwood and the postcard rack at the National Portrait Gallery.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

Don't repeat the same word in a paragraph, it sounds clumsy.

What advice would you give your teenage self? 

Stand up, speak up, you have something worth saying.

What makes you angry? 

Inequality in education in the UK. Everyone should get the best start, not just the rich.


What makes you happy? 

Watching Deadly 60 and Ingenious Animals with my kids.

What’s your favourite restaurant? 

My latest novel Mother Tongue is set in Russia so I was taken to Mari Vanna's in Knightsbridge when it launched. The food is amazing and you will want to Instagram every inch of the place. I'm looking for good excuses to return.

Mother _Tongue _Julie _Mayhew _High Res -667x 1024Where’s your go to place to relax? 

My garden. Being up to your knees in leaves and mud is the best way to make most worries seem small - because nature is all there just getting on with things. Plus, you can't look at your phone when you're wearing gardening gloves.

Latest discovery at home or abroad?

I'm interviewing the author Marcus Sedgewick at this year's Cheltenham Festival so I'm discovering his backlist, which is fabulous. I'm reading Blood Red, Snow White at the moment, which is about Arthur Ransome's time in Russia during the revolution.

Where is on your travel hit list for 2016? 

I'm going to be travelling back to my hometown of Peterborough quite a lot this autumn as I have a play rehearsing there – a 1960s version of The Railway Children. But for pure pleasure I'm heading to Prague for a weekend in December. I've never been before, so tips please…  

Which city in the world would you love to live in for just 1 year?

Berlin. It already feels like a second home. I've been there so many times this year researching a film project yet I've only scratched the surface. If I spent a year there it would also improve my very clunky German.

Image (1)

What are your favourite pieces on the G&S website at the moment? 

I'm loving your Postcard Culottes - perfect for getting about on my bike. I snapped up the Maska ones recently and am wondering if the swingier Postcard ones will suit me too. I also have an eye on the Alice Jumper which is basically 'Autumn' in knitted form. 


What is your personal style? 

I like clothes I can get about in – walking the kids to school, travelling to events, hoofing around London for meetings. Anything too structured or constricting can get lost. And I love colour. The kind of colours that make people go, 'gosh, that's bright.'

Gs _oft _1873-1

Who is your fashion hero / style icon? 

My author buddy Laura Dockrill because she is never ever boring

Which item of clothing do you most treasure? 

I suppose I should say my wedding dress but it lives in a box on top of my wardrobe not doing much, so I'm going to say a black leather jacket my husband gave me. I have had it years and years and years, and it's still giving good service. I wear it all the time. 

What is your 'can't live without' beauty product? 

Comfort Zone Resonance Remedy Oil. I get allergic reactions to products sometimes and this stuff sorts that out quick-smart . 


Why is shopping ethical important to you? 

If something is very cheap you have to ask yourself who lost out in the food chain just so you can have that bargain. That's hard to reconcile yourself with if you have a social conscience and the means to spend ethically. 


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