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Gather&See Reads: Magnifeco

Occasionally books come along that really stick with you and have a lasting impact way beyond the final turn of the page. Magnifeco by Kate Black is one of those books. Written by the founder of the brilliant blog of the same name, Magnifeco is a "head-to-toe guide to ethical fashion and non-toxic beauty". We think guide is modest - to those that read the book with little previous knowledge of toxic beauty and unethical fashion it will be a life changer. 


Split into 9 chapters on individual categories, Magnifeco simply presents the facts which in many cases are astounding, eye watering or down-right scary and then offers alternatives and solutions to help readers make better more informed choices.

For anyone looking to gain an understanding of ethical fashion, why it is so important and how and where to shop it this book is hard to beat. Kate covers the many complex ethical issues within fashion in a refreshingly clear and succinct style. Kate uses the acronym V.A.L.U.E. to help evaluate purchases - Vintage, Artisan, Local, Upcycled, Ethical - which is a brilliant methodology that works in a similar way to our Philosophy categories in terms of helping you clarify in your head what impact your purchase make. You will  find several of our brands mentioned as good ethical fashion options including Osei Duro, Bibico, People Tree & Matt&Nat as well as Gather&See in it's own right as a multi-brand (thank you Kate!).


For someone who is already into ethical fashion but doesn't know much about toxicity of personal care products then the beauty section is an incredibly powerful eye-opener. Certainly we will be following Kate's tips as to how to shop for non-toxic beauty products and questioning which ones we can do without at all, as Kate writes "It's time to start counting chemicals." 

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We were fortunate enough to meet Kate at the London launch of her book at Somerset House and it was so good to hear a positive, simple approach which is echoed in the book "Do what you can, when you can." We couldn't agree more and couldn't recommend Magnifeco enough as a must read.

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Magnifeco: your head-to-toe guide to ethical fashion and non-toxic beauty, by Kate Black, Available Now

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