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Gather&See Girls: Frances Hogg

Tell us about your latest exhibition and the inspiration for it?

‘Artists of the Future’ is an exhibition opening on 3rd March – 27thApril at the Degree Art Gallery in London. It is a group exhibition made up of twenty emerging artists from across the globe. My work explores the relationship between colour and material heavily influenced by growing up in Ethiopia, Kenya and Sierra Leone. The language of my work oscillates between an illusionistic space of abstract painting and the physical space of sculpture through the mediums of fabric and paper. There is a conflict of identity, which can be seen by harsh overlaying gestures of Sierra Leone (oranges and yellows) and Shropshire (greens). My paintings deal with aspects of colour, form, gesture, line, figure and ground. Despite the work being born out of accidental and considered mark making, it is very heavily influenced by landscapes of Africa that exude brutal riots of turbulent colour fields and movement. Certain colours and patterns draw directly from the associative textiles, the rural land and people. In all my works I seek to be fresh, open, informal and playful. The work makes colour a post-colonial and intercultural subject. Michael Taussig’s book ‘What Color is the Sacred?’ has been an extremely important reference to my work, questioning how colour can be ‘alive in the magic hour’.

What or who inspires you?

Jonathan Lasker, Jessica Stockholder, Katharina Grosse, Angela de le Cruz, Albert Irvine and Sandra Blow are all artists that greatly influence my work. Gulwali Passarlay the author of ‘The lightless sky’ is such an inspiring man and I definitely recommend it as a book to read. My ninety three year old Granny also hugely inspires me as she still keeps sheep, drives and can touch her toes!

What advice would you give your teenage self? 

Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

What’s the best advice you have ever been given?

‘When the going get’s tough, the tough gets going!’ It’s our family motto.

What makes you angry? 

The thousands of displaced refugees who have nowhere to go and are not being treated in the right way.

What makes you happy?

Being outside and being in Africa.

What’s your favourite restaurant? 

Zeret Kitchen in Camberwell for Ethiopian food. But a barbecue at home would top it!

Where’s your go to place to relax? 

Shropshire at home with my mum.

Where is on your travel hit list for 2016? 

Colombia or Russia (especially after the BBC War and Peace series)!

Which city in the world would you love to live in for just 1 year? 

Cape Town for the amazing food, beaches and wine farms!

Which is your favourite piece on the G&S website at the moment?

It would either have to be the Osei Duro roll neck or the Kowtow hero crew jumper.

What is your personal style? 

Simple cuts with a dash of colour or texture.

Which item of clothing do you most treasure?  

My Osei Duro two piece/ Costa rib dress in orange!

What is your 'can't live without' beauty product?   

My Lancome moisturizer and Moroccan oil.

Why is shopping ethical important to you? 

I think it’s important to be aware of where and how our clothes are made and as a consumer we have a responsibility to look after our planet and make sure that the people who make our clothes are happy and are paid a fair wage. An important documentary to watch is 'The True Cost'.

For more information on Frances' work or to purchase one of her pieces please visit www.franceshogg.co.uk

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