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Gather&See Girls: Kim Brink

Kim Brink is a model, blogger (Love By KimB) and fashion writer with a passion for all things sustainable. She is the face of our new Swedish brand Maska and we were delighted to catch up with her to find out about her work and inspirations.

Tell us about your work - a wonderful mixture of modelling, blogging (Love by KimB) and writing. How do you fit it all in?!

It sure is a hectic schedule, but I have such a passion for what I do. It all comes down to the same core which is sustainability. This makes it all very organic to me.

Ethical fashion is a common theme throughout your work - what is it that made you want to get involved?

I would say that ethical fashion is the most natural way of approaching the industry and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  There are such great possibilities within this field and some amazing brands and designers creating gorgeous fashion with as little impact on the environment as possible. My passion and thrive is to showcase these possibilities and for everyone to be able to create a more eco-friendly closet.

You are the face of G&S brand Maska - tell us about working with them and why you love the brand?

MASKA is one of my fave Swedish brands and such a darling to me. I’m first and foremost very proud being able to work with them. It started out with a collaboration throughout my blog and social medias and I was then asked to be their face of the SS16 collection, shot by the extremely talented Nina Gorfer. When booked as a model, I feel extremely privileged being a face of a sustainable brand since I connect with their values. MASKA truly captures everything I find exquisite in a brand, great items in natural materials and long lasting as well as classic designs. Their knits will be my one and true faves for seasons to come.

What or who inspires you every day? 

Different things actually, I try to be present and open minded in order to get inspiration everywhere I go. It can be from everything like pictures, music, arts, nature as well as people I meet and their stories.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

Aim high, follow your heart and your dreams. However, always be kind, generous and respect others.

What advice would you give your teenage self? 

Don’t worry be happy, it sounds very easy and it sure isn’t all the time- but in the end things will be alright and turn out just as it should.

What makes you angry? 

When people disrespect our earth and animals, when taking advantage to strengthen their egos and for economic motives. This makes me angry but also very disappointed, since I know, deep in my heart that we could do so much better. I’m an animal rights advocate and the animals will always have my full support.

What makes you happy? 

I adore surprises and just small things that makes me smile since I know they are given to me with love. Doesn’t necessarily have to be materialistic things, I value an actual thought and effort. 

What's your favourite restaurant?

Noise2Tail in the popular area Ködbyen in Copenhagen, Denmark. Delicious foods and organic selections– all season based and their concept covers zero food waste. I’m a kind of girl who really enjoys food but I do make sure it’s organic and preferably season based (which often means locally produced). 

What is your latest discovery at home or abroad?

Since I spend a lot of time in my second hometown Copenhagen with my boyfriend, I’ve recently rediscovered Glyptoteket.  This is one of Denmark’s treasurers when it comes to museums, capturing arts and architecture like no other place. There’s also a cute café in an area filled with palm trees and majestic statues, the ultimate spot to enjoy some green tea and pastry.

Where would you like to live for just 1 year?

My heart says Paris - it oozes this vibe of perfection in an imperfect way. It covers fashion, foods, romance and there’s this special light. Truly one of a kind, and I would for sure love to stay there for 1 year, if not longer. And of course together with my beloved boyfriend.

However I’m also intrigued by Berlin – mostly due to its development within the field of sustainability. I think it’s the right spot where my work and platform would be able to blossom! 

Which is your favourite piece on the G&S website at the moment?

I would definitely say the Pascale coat from MASKA, it’s that perfect trench coat when spending your summer vacay in Scandinavia. You never know the forecast and a coat like this will for sure bring some sunshine to a cloudy day.

What is your personal style?

Tomboy chic- I love to dress in timeless and simple garments, adding a bit of a tomboy and boho to it. I’m not a girly girl, I like wearing female garments but there’s always a sophisticated boyish touch to it – never too perfect I would say.

Who is your fashion hero?

Vivienne Westwood. Not sure I’m wild or punk enough to wear her creations on a daily basis, but oh I love her! Such an activist and amazing designer, a true inspiration, source of power and she brings a lot of energy to my work as well.

What item do you most treasure in your wardrobe?

I treasure my jewelry and mostly the vintage pieces that I’ve received from my grandma. I have this ring in gold with an emerald green stone – a piece I wear almost every day.

What is your 'can't live without' beauty product? 

I’m a fan of organic coconut oil- works for everything- facial cleanser and moisturizer. But I can’t live without lip balm, it’s just something I need several times a day and I love the feeling of soft lips. I have a great foundation when using the lip and shine balm from RMS Beauty!

Why is shopping ethically important to you?

Its important due to the fact that we only have one earth and its resources are limited. We are all able to dress in amazing garments and we all deserve to feel beautiful, but it shouldn’t be on the expense of the environment. Since we all have the possibility to limit our footprint, I of course think we should.

What's next for Love By Kim?

Developing my universe and platform- there will be an update soon with a wider range of topics, covering not only sustainable fashion and toxic-free beauty but also how to approach a conscious lifestyle inducing diet, training, foods, interior and travel. Sustainability should include everything we do on a daily basis and I would love to spread awareness beyond fashion. So stay tuned! 


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