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Gather&See Girl : Hanna Pumfrey

Our latest Gather&See girl is Hannah Pumfrey, the brains behind the brilliant Flor + Cesta - a platform for sustainable living. Hannah's natural style caught our attention when she posted an insta of her wearing one of our summer faves, Osei Duro's Agona Dress and we fast became fans of the platform which is full of hugely engaging and honest content about pursuing a more conscious lifestyle. Check out Hanna's story and inspiration as well as her fave G&S picks below. 

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Tell us about how Flor + Cesta came about?

Sustainability became important to me after a few years living and working in the city. I would watch the rubbish bins in my office fill up every day with paper cups and lunch bag wrappers as we all rushed blindly from meeting to meeting, completely unconscious to the amount of waste we were contributing to landfill daily. I thought there must be a better way to do this! 

After some research, I realised that with just a few small changes we could all start to make a big difference to our environment. But as time poor city dwellers with demanding jobs and equally as busy personal lives, living sustainably with the current options and information we have can seem very difficult.

I created Flor + Cesta to provide a space where like-minded individuals can find everything they need to become a sustainable city dweller. The platform is about making it simple for people. About giving them the tools you to become a more conscious consumer, without a radical lifestyle change.

What or who inspires you?

The power of collective ambition inspires me. I believe we are at a tipping point in our history and we need to decide which way we’re going to go in terms of looking after our environment. There are so many people out there trying to make a change, as an individual it can feel like these efforts are not adding value but as a collective we have the power to change the world for the better.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

‘There is nowhere to go, you’re already here, so enjoy it’ – said by my yoga teacher at the beginning of every class. As a generation, we’re constantly striving for the next thing, I think it’s so important to try and remember to be present and enjoy the stage you are at in your life right now. 

What makes you angry? 

Single use plastic. In particular, individual vegetables wrapped in plastic wrapping. Why? They have their own skin! We’re plastic mad in the UK; we package bunches of bananas in plastic, smack on a picture of Bananas in Pyjamas and call it a kids pack. Madness, a banana is a banana. 

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What makes you happy? 

Being by the sea. An ideal weekend for me is in Cornwall, with my boyfriend, out surfing.

What’s your favourite restaurant? 

Tiny Leaf restaurant in Mercato Metropolitano. Not only is this restaurant all organic and zero waste, it’s blumming delicious!

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Where’s your go to place to relax?  

My home. My boyfriend and I recently bought a flat in east London that we’ve been slowing turning into a nature inspired haven using eco-friendly items. I think it’s so important to use natural materials and to have green in your home; when I’m having a stressful moment or creative block I just go and sit in our  ‘green corner’ and take some time to regain my balance. 

Latest discovery at home or abroad?

Cody Dock on the River Lea! Not far from Canning Town, a community wildlife project to renovate this previously industrial area. Meadow flowers, native hedges and a sensory garden have been planted and there’s a little café and art gallery. A perfect escape from this otherwise desolate part of town.


Where is on your travel hit list for the next year? 

We’re currently planning a hiking trip in the Baltic states!

Which city in the world would you love to live in for just 1 year?

Amsterdam. I love that you can walk or cycle just about anywhere in the city.

What are your favourite three pieces on the G&S website at the moment? 

Alice JumperV-19 Silver  by veja & Agona Dress

Alice - Dark Navy - 1


What is your personal style?

I would say my style is bohemian- corporate… is that a thing? I work in the city so dressing smart is a must but invariably there is a crochet knit or floral bell sleeve thrown in there!

Who is your fashion hero / style icon? 

It’s got to be Audrey Hepburn. Cliché I know but her wardrobe was timeless. I really feel I could pick out and wear the majority of it today and it would still work.

 Oft21 1

Which item of clothing do you most treasure? 

A crochet knit t-shirt handed down to me from my Grandma.

Why is shopping ethical important to you? 

Food and goods in the UK are relatively cheap at the moment, but while we might be saving money, there's always a cost somewhere down the line. Buying cheap clothes which have been made in sweatshops is a vote for not only environmental destruction but also worker exploitation. This is not a vote I want to cast.  

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