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Gather&See Girl: Dörte Lange

Dörte Lange is the brains behind The Lissome blog - a beautiful and artistic homage to sustainable fashion. Her experience as an Art Director is evident throughout the blog's high fashion editorials and thoughtfully put together content. A champion for a sophisticated and modern take on ethical fashion, Dörte has an enormous passion for her subject and we are delighted that she is this month's Gather&See girl. 

The Lissome _Dorte Lange 1_WEB (1)

Potrait by Bella Fenning.

What or who inspires you? 

Jane Goodall, listening to the ‘TED Radio Hour’ and ‘How I Build This’ podcasts, reading a good book (at the moment: ‘The World of Yesterday’ by Stefan Zweig), nature, and silence.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

Recently, I’ve been recommended to read “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success" and in this humble pocket-size book, I did not find one but a multitude of great advice and wisdom. 

7-Spirtual -Laws -of -Success

What advice would you give your teenage self? 

There is a wonderful world out there and if you embrace it, you will blossom. Have trust in yourself, and treat yourself and others kindly. Love and laughter are powerful tools.

What makes you angry? 

It makes me angry when influential and wealthy people, corporations and institutions don’t use their power for the common good but for their personal gain. When their greed leads to wars, rising social inequality and to the destruction of our home planet. 

What makes you happy?

I feel blessed for my big-hearted boyfriend, my loving family and friends, and for the sense of purpose that I get from my work. 

What’s your favourite restaurant? 

In Berlin, I would choose buzzing Assam on Sonnenallee, for the best and most inexpensive Lebanese food in town. And in London, I would opt for St. John Bread and Wine for breakfast and for Primeur for dinner.

Eating -London -St -John -Bread -and -Wine

Where’s your go to place to relax? 

The sea or a place by the water. One day, I want to live near the sea. 

Latest discovery at home or abroad?

The Café and Teahouse of the Petersham Nurseries in Richmond - an enchanted slow food oasis.

Mediamarmalade _Petersham _Nurseries -8 

Where is on your travel hit list for 2017? 

I will be visiting Milan and Venice for the Venice Biennale this year.

Which city in the world would you love to live in for just 1 year?

After a one year stay as an Au-Pair in 1998, I really wanted to live in London again. Much time passed until I returned, but now I have been here for not one but almost two years.  


What are your favourite pieces on the G&S website at the moment? 

The ‘Red Dress’ by Conditions Apply.

What is your personal style?

I am a gentle eccentric. :)

Who is your fashion hero / style icon? 

David Bowie, Diana Vreeland, Chloe Sevigny, Yohji Yamamoto.

Diana -vreeland -louise -dahl -wolfe

Which item of clothing do you most treasure? 

A vintage black silk YSL dress from the 1970’s that was given to me by a dear friend.  Her partner’s mother had passed away and had left a wardrobe full of the most beautiful vintage designer pieces. The dress consists of several layers of silk - it’s certainly a little eccentric, in an understated way, and it’s the most gorgeous garment I own. 

What is your 'can't live without' beauty product? 

In winter, it’s a good quality organic Argan face oil.   

Everythinghappensforareson Oft25 49

Why is shopping ethical important to you? 

I could equally ask - why are human rights important for me? I can’t understand why we have to distinguish between ‘fashion’ and ‘ethical fashion’ as it should be a given that all fashion is being produced in fair and healthy ways. I don’t think it’s acceptable that an entire industry is based on human exploitation and environmental destruction for the sake of higher profits for a few. I hope that we will see a fairer, wiser and kinder world in our lifetime in which the beauty of fashion transcends the surface level.

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