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Fashion Revolution Week: LITTLE BY LITTLE

As part of Fashion Revolution Week 2018, Gather & See interviewed Little by Little Jewellery co-founder, Annabel Cox. Read the interview to learn more about who makes your jewellery, from one of our newest designers. 

As a new brand working with the Gather&See team, we'd love to get to know you better. If we were to ask you 'Who Made my Jewellery?', who would we hear about making up the manufacturing team at Little by Little?

The excellent team who make our jewellery are made of three key individuals who we liaise with regularly. They are Piero, Mayra and Sandra, who develop our designs for us in Lima, Peru.

It is clear from your website, that Little by Little Jewellery stems from very ethical foundations with the wellbeing of those on the production end being of high importance to you. How easy or hard was it to find a production factory that met the standards you deemed appropriate, and what were the minimum standards you were looking for?

I was fortunate enough to have been recommended the production factory by a fellow ethical jewellery company, which I subsequently visited. It is in Lima, Peru. The factory has been running for 25 years, and the intricate jewellery is lovingly created by a well-established jewellery producer. It now employs 350 people.  

From the outset, its aim was always to bring opportunity and employment—it does this by giving jobs to people with no prior technical experience, and training them in the art of jewellery. Having visited I can verify that it is a well-equipped, safe, and spacious place to work. 


What do you think is the greatest challenge facing the ethical and sustainable jewellery sector? And what do we need to do to overcome it?

I think the most challenging aspect facing the jewellery sector is the transparent procurement of materials. I think as individuals we need to choose to be informed and more inquisitive about where things come from. 

Talk us through an average day at Little by Little Jewellery

Georgina and I are split between Brighton and London. Although we aren't in the same location, we have a Monday morning Skype ritual—we feel it’s important to start the week on the same page and from then on, we are constantly in touch during the week, filling each other in on a win here or a niggle there. Of course, there is always a to-do list. Generally, we will start by making sure social media is mapped out and the website is up to date. Then it’s a question of catching up with the days sales, ensuring all of the stock levels are good, and meeting a contact or two to help spread the word.    


What five words would you use to describe Little by Little Jewellery?

Cool, Kind, Beautiful, Elegant and Timeless

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