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Fashion Revolution Week: KIND JEWELLERY

As part of Fashion Revolution Week 2018, Gather & See interviewed Tansy Haak—founder of KIND. Read the interview to learn more about why Tansy prioritises ethically sourced materials and who’s mantra the KIND brand is founded upon. 

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How do you go about sourcing the metals used in KIND Jewellery, and how important is it that you know the people you're sourcing from?

The key to understanding your materials and where they are coming from is to do the research, ask the questions and build close relationships with your suppliers. Talk them through your end game, let them know what you are hoping to achieve in the long run and keep the dialogue going. This way you can nurture your relationship and work together long in to the future.

What do you think is the greatest challenge facing the ethical and sustainable jewellery sector, and what do we need to do to overcome it?

There is still a long way to go to provide 100% recycled materials and components for jewellers, and to improve working conditions and mining methods worldwide. But organisations like Fairtrade and The Responsible Jewellery Council are making waves and improvements are being made year on year. 

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What actions does KIND Jewellery take to produce ethical and sustainable pieces?

When I dreamed up KIND Jewellery in 2016, it was accompanied by Vivienne Westwood's mantra “Buy Less. Choose well. Make it last”.

I wanted to create pieces of jewellery that would become embroidered into the lives and story of the people who wore them. The collections needed to be considered and stand the test of time both in their materiality and also their design. It felt very natural to ensure the materials I was using were ethically and environmentally sound right from the start. Each collection of KIND Jewellery is made by hand in my studio using a mixture of recycled, responsibly sourced and now, Fair Trade Gold and Silver.  

As an extension of this, the same applies for all areas of my brand. From polishes to packaging I am always trying to minimise the impact I have on the planet and the people we share it with. Nurturing human interaction and connection by collaborating with likeminded photographers, models and other makers through a shared economy and community, is another important element of this. Small scale production is at the heart of KIND Jewellery and an element of the brand which I wish to keep even as we grow.  

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What five words would you use to describe KIND Jewellery?

Wearable, Ethereal, Guilt Free, Nomadic and of course KIND 

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