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Fashion Revolution Week: BEAUMONT ORGANIC

As part of Fashion Revolution Week 2018 we interviewed Hannah Beaumont, founder of Beaumont Organic. Read the interview to learn how they ensure transparency in their chain, any why building relationships has developed a social business with a conscience. 

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Fashion Revolution Week is a chance for customers to ask brands ‘Who made my clothes?’ How important is it for you to know the people that make Beaumont Organic’s items, and how do you ensure you know the producers end to end? 

We work only with fair trade certified farmers, the fabric we use is all GOTS certified organic cotton (which has very strict social policies), and we only work with factories in the UK and Portugal which fall under full EU regulations—we only use established and credited factories. We visit the factories regularly (they are part of the Beaumont team) and we speak with them daily.  We have now built long, trusting and transparent relationships with all our factories.  We also have a representative in Portugal who visits the factories weekly to ensure everything is as it should be.  We have long term relationships with our factories and mills—they know our vision and respect that. We trust them and this is very important. With them being in Europe we can visit often and build an even stronger relationship.


Transparency is a large part of understanding who made our clothes. How do you ensure transparency within the chain?

We ask questions, check certifications, vet, and visit. Ultimately, when we are not there, we trust. We have longstanding relations with many of our manufactures, which is key in building trust.

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Your mission is to create ‘contemporary conscious clothing’—what more do we ned to be doing to make people shop with their conscience when it comes to fashion? 

The social and environmental impact of fast fashion is very scary. It needs to be publicised more to make more people aware. Consumers can change the way they buy fashion easily—do research and buy a product you are proud to be wearing, a product you will shout and tell your friends about, a product with a story and with meaning.

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Talk us through an average day at Beaumont Organic.

We are a small team so a typical day is busy and very varied. I can go from a meeting with a buyer, catching up on next season’s proto samples or speaking with the factories to writing an invoice and sending out orders. My favourite part of the job is finding new shops to work with who share our beliefs for organic and ethical luxury clothing, and seeing the proto and salesmen samples arrive for the new season.

What five words would you use to describe Beaumont Organic? 

Effortless, Contemporary, Conscious, Organic, Luxury. 

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