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Fashion Resolutions for 2016

Here comes a brand New Year, and with it the opportunity to reflect on the year that has past and look forward to a fresh start. With that in mind we can't think of a better resolution than reassessing our approach to our wardrobe.

With the world's focus having been firmly on environment with the UN climate conference taking place in Paris at the end of 2015, it should remind  all of us to consider how our own actions can help make a difference in 2016. Rethinking the way we buy and treat clothes is a great place to start. Here are some simple tips to get you started.

Number 1 - discover the story behind your favourite items. Start with the obvious place - the label. Where was the item made, what is it made of and whose hands have sewn it togther? Is the garment fair trade and were the workers provided a living wage? Through gaining an understanding of the story you will have a greater connection and respect for the garment.  You can find the story about each piece of Gather&See clothing on the individual product page.

Number 2 - go organic. We love organic clothing for several reasons. Firstly, it is better for the environment - no harsh chemicals are used in the production which means no hazardous waste for the environment and importantly softer, kinder materaials for your skin. Check out Kowtow for organic cotton basics.

Number 3 - Buy better. The old saying "less is more" couldn't be more true. The better quality you buy, the longer it will last - choose investment pieces that will last season after season instead of buying lots of cheap items that will barely last one. Livia Firth recently launched the #30Wears campaign, challenging people to only buy clothes that they will wear at least 30 times. We couldn't agree more. It is the antithesis of fast, disposable fashion and you will be amazed at the different ways you can wear one item when you get creative.

Number 4 - Recycle and Rehash. Never throw clothing away. Look for ways to recycle - whether that is getting crafty yourself and adding a new trim, changing buttons or even hand-dying or arrange a clothing swap party with your friends. Your wardrobe will soon look brand new!

Number 5 - Support ethical fashion talent. The exciting news is that there are some incedibly talented ethical designers out there that need support. Enjoy discovering these new brands, what makes them unique and get well ahead of the curve in sporting some of there most beautiful wares.

With these simple steps you will soon find that your New Year's wardrobe feels streamlined and toxic free. Perfect for a successful year ahead!

Happy New Year!!!


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