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Earth Day 2017

Perfectly timed on the eve of Fashion Revolution Week, Earth Day is a day to voice our commitment to making a greener, healthier planet for now and for future generations. The fashion and textiles industry is the 2nd most polluting industry after oil and as designers, retailers and consumers we need to make a change. 

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This years Earth Day is all about education and environmental and climate literacy. Education is so important for everyone in the supply chain - from farmers to factory owners, to end consumers. And education about the environmental impact of the fashion industry is something we are incredibly passionate about at Gather&See.

Every piece of clothing we buy makes an impact on the environment - from the water used to make it, the dyes used to colour it or the space in the landfill required when we throw it away (please don't do this! take to a charity shop or recycle instead!). 

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By demanding clothing that has been produced in a way that protects the environment and safeguards the people making it, you can help fashion to clean up its act. At Gather&See our eco-friendly brands take the environment into consideration at every turn.

From pieces made from the award-winning bio-degradable and sustainably produced Tencel (check out Komodo and Cus) to brands that use the softest organic cotton (check out Kowtow and Riyka) and those that use the latest technology to produce innovative eco-friendly materials  Matt&Nat's vegan shoes) there are plenty of choices out there. Amazing clothes shouldn't harm the environment, respect our beautiful planet and choose clothes that reflect your values - it's cool to care. 

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Happy Earth Day one and all! 

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