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I have to admit when it comes to football I couldn’t usually give two hoots - mainly I think it is over paid drama queens rolling around on the floor – I struggle to see ‘the beautiful game’ in that.  But when the World Cup comes around I am transformed into another being entirely – I find myself sat on the edge of my seat, heart in my throat and yelling at the ref and crying out for penalties - my boyfriend took to calling me Sven at the last world cup thanks to my incessant commentary on a game I know nothing about.  And this year no doubt will draw me in just the same except even more so due to the dramatic backdrop of a country that I LOVE – the one and only Brazil.

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For all of the hype, controversy and drama of the impending tournament, you have to agree, Brazil is one hell of a country.  Fabulous scenery, passionate and warm people and a completely individual style of its own makes for some serious personality. I have visited only once but from the moment I touched down in a hot and heavy Rio de Janeiro I was captivated by the energy, grittiness and beauty of the city. 

The flip side to the glamour and the razzmatazz is of course the poverty of the favelas, issues with unemployment and healthcare.  It is definitely a country of extremes and when it came to launchingGather&See we were very keen to find some Brazilian brands that not only showcase that unique Brazilian style but also support local artisans through fair trade.  

We were delighted to find Albion, a beautiful accessories brand based in Rio and inspired by Copacabana’s Art-Deco hey-day.  Albion works with local artisans in the city to create limited run bags made from 100% Brazilian cotton, each bag being made by hand under Fair Trade principles.  We absolutely love the striking geometric prints in monochrome with a flash of colour and will be carrying ours throughout the World Cup season and beyond.  Oh knows,  maybe it will be a lucky talisman for England’s prospects in the World Cup! 

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