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Behind the Philosophy: Heritage

The definition of sustainable is to be "able to be maintained at a certain level and able to be upheld and defended". With that in mind our Heritage brands reflect the very meaning of the word in that they uphold and defend traditional craftsmanship and artisan methods so that we and future generations can relish in the beauty of their wares. 

Fair Trade-Handmade-Landscape

Hiro & Wolf - Kenya

At Gather&See we think we should celebrate heritage craftsmanship and know- how. From family run businesses handmaking British leather handbags to co-operatives specializing in traditional African batik, we work with brands that use old skills to deliver perfectly beautiful, modern pieces. In providing a market place and in connecting them with you, our lovely customers, we are helping to ensure that these techniques are not lost.

Dyers Drying Fabric Tema

Osei Duro - Ghana

Understanding the workmanship entailed in making an extraordinary piece is one of the joys of buying one of our Heritage brands. The majority of our Heritage pieces are intricately handmade by talented craftsmen. Handmade pieces bring a human connection to our wardrobes. The hallowed world of couture is centred around the allure of owning something that has been so intricately crafted by hand. We like to think that the same applies to our handcrafted Heritage items (albeit without the eye-wateringly high prices!).

Discovering the techniques behind the beauty is all part of the fun and we love to geek out on all of the details.

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Linter Dress - Osei Duro

Osei Duro's signature prints are produced using traditional Ghanaian batik and Indian block printing. Batik is a resist technique used for producing designs on cloth an artform brought to West Africa in the mid-nineteenth century by Belanda Hitam, Malay for Black Dutchmen, who served as indentured soldiers for the Dutch in Indonesia. The brand works with two small batik 'houses' to create their gorgeous designs such as the beautiful Linter dress.

Mudcloth Drying Mali

Osei Duro - Ghana

From the sun dappled fields of Ghana to the rain soaked streets of London where Danielle Foster's handbags are designed and manufactured. Using the highest quality vegetable tanned leathers, each bag is carefully stitched together in a specialist London factory where every detail from interior pocket to metal clasp is executed to perfection. 

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Danielle Foster - London

When it comes to textiles the French have a rich history of tradition and technique. Our new brand Tinsels works with traditional French mills to produce beautiful fabrics many of which are decorated with prints from the mills' archives. There is something magical about modern pieces that are so inherently connected to the past - take a look at their beautiful printed blouses for a taste of what we mean.

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Tinsels - France

Small brands upholding traditional craftsmanship and making it into something new and exciting that will enchant future generations, surely that is truly sustainable fashion and something worth celebrating.

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