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Behind the Brand: Q&A with Tricotage

Brand new for 2016 at Gather&See is Danish brand Tricotage. Combining classic Danish design with sustainable manufacturing, Tricotage offers brilliantly made wearable pieces and we are delighted to be stocking them. We spoke to Karin from the brand about their story and principles:

Tell us the story behind your brand?

Ida and I went to school (KADK/textiles) together. Afterwards we worked in different companies to get experience. In 2010 we got together to start Tricotage.

Who is the typical Tricotage customer?

She is from 25 - to well 80, actually. We try to make clothes which is flattering in shape and easy to wear. This appeals to a broad audience :)

You use sustainable materials including organic cotton, what was behind the decision to take this approach?

From the very start this was a corner stone in our vision. We wanted to make nice stuff, but it had to be sustainable. It makes it harder to find new fabrics, but we cannot compromise here.

Please can you tell us a bit about the production of your collection - where and how is it produced?

We try to keep the sewing and the making of the garments within Europe. The fibers (cotton/wool/linen) comes from outside Europe mainly (Turkey, South Africa). From AW16 most of our wool is from the Shetlands. The cotton we use has a GOT certificate guaranteeing it's organic, workers rights and the limited use of chemicals. The wool we use is conventional, but we only use qualities that are highly durable (does not pull), which hopefully will give it many years of use and we make factory visits in order to see the conditions of the workers.

What is the design inspiration behind your latest collection?

We have always been inspired by Japanese printing: simple, graphic and feminine prints. The dot print has been with us from the very first collection - with a new color combination every season. 

You are based in Copenhagen - how has the city influenced your brand?

We refer to everywhere for inspiration, but you could say that our shapes goes well with a certain Copenhagen lifestyle: casual cool and comfy.

What are your future plans and dreams for Tricotage?

Keep doing what we do well: casual every day wear for women of all ages + introduce new materials and shapes. Maybe we will add accessories or interior on the way.

Finally, why is ethical fashion so important to you?

Every company no matter in which field should consider its impact on the planet and society in general. Everybody has that obligation. It should be possible to consider this aspect and still have a healthy and growing business. We want to prove it can be done. When that is said it's not done with just using organic cotton, tencel and so forth. We are looking forward to being able to produce in recycled materials. We think this is actually the way to get around many of the challenges within the production. Unfortunately there is still and long way to go here. Recycled materials as in waste from production AND end consumers.

Tricotage is available exclusively at Gather&See in the UK from February and joins fellow Danish labels Woron and Maska as Scandinavian brands continue to lead the way in sustainable fashion. For more on Tricotage check out their designer page here

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