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Behind the Brand: Q&A with Kowtow

Nothing is more exciting at Gather&See than the arrival of new stock.  And our new pieces from the lovely Kowtow have certainly not disappointed.  4 brand new dresses and jackets that are perfect transeasonal pieces that can't wait to start wearing now but will also lead us right on through to winter. 

To celebrate a new arrival we bringing to you an exclusive interview with Kowtow's inspirational Designer, GOSIA PIATEK:

Why did you set up Kowtow?
We identified a gap in the market for well designed and made ethical clothing. My partner at the time had fashion experience and I have strong organisational skills so we combined our efforts and created Kowtow.
What inspired you?
My love for sustainability, ethics and design. 
Which other sustainable brands do you like?
I'm in love with Honest By - Bruno Pieters. Clean and fresh not to mention the extreme level of detail he goes into the manufacturing transparency of each garment. Very inspirational. 
Who do you most admire?
Admiring people can be a little dodgy, as they can change their point of view. I admire nature.
Who would be your dream customer/muse?
Someone who buys Kowtow because they love our design, fit, colour, prints and quality. Not necessarily a consumers who buys especially for sustainable/ethical reasons. We don't only want to preach to the converted. 

Which eco issues are most important to you?
I am intertwined in the clothing industry so making a positive change in clothing manufacturing is very important to me. We go to huge detail in what we do from the organic, GM free cotton seeds that are planted by our certified fair trade farmers to the working conditions of the factory workers who stitch our clothing. We monitor production first hand by travelling to India every 6 months, so we can walk the talk. 


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