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Wedding Faux Pas... And How to Avoid Them by Candice Habershon

Wedding season is upon us… hurrah! There’s nothing quite like a good wedding. It’s your chance to don your best G&S glad rags, have a good ole cry in the church, drink bubbles, laugh at the best man’s speech and then dance the night away.

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However there are a few things you should NOT do when it comes to being a wedding guest. Here’s our list:

1. Don’t forget to RSVP. If you’ve planned a wedding yourself you know what a nightmare it is to sort out the table planning, and of course there’s the expensive issue of catering. Be prompt. Your hosts shouldn’t have to pester you for your response. It goes without saying too that if your invite doesn’t say “plus one” then you can’t bring a friend, that’s just the way it is. Bite your tongue and suck it up.

2. Don’t go off-list. Unless the bride is your bestie and you can guarantee you know her style, stick to the registry. You might think some ceramic photo frames made by your neighbour are bang on trend but your hosts might not. There’s a reason they took the time to choose their gifts, don’t assume you know better.

3. Don’t just not pitch up! If there’s some awful reason why you can’t make it at the last minute, be sure to let the bride, groom or any of the wedding party know so they can make hasty arrangements to remove your setting at the table.

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4. Pack your invite. The last thing the bride needs when she’s in hair and make up is frantic calls from her uni mate asking for directions to the village. It’s been sitting on your mantelpiece for months, along with the cleverly designed map. No excuses.

5. Don’t be late. That’s the bride’s job. There’s always one at the wedding,the Four-Weddings- and-a- Funeral friend who screeches into church during the first hymn and puts the priest off his stride. Make sure it’s not you.

6. Don’t upstage the bride. There are some cardinal rules when it comes to dressing for weddings; don’t wear white, don’t be tarty and stick to the theme. If it’s a beach wedding, try not to rock up in a Liz Hurley paper-clip number, for instance, or don’t wear a hat the size of a football stadium for a low-key affair in a pub. It’s the bride’s day and all attention should be on her. See our list below on how to dress beautifully for weddings this season.

7. Don’t heckle during the speeches. By the time you find your seat and the speeches start you might be a few champagnes down so the temptation to make “hilarious” loudly audible comments during the speeches could be huge but resist the urge. You’ll only regret it the next day.

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8. Don’t dive for the bouquet – it smacks of desperation. If the flowers so happen to fall your way because the bride is a dear friend and knows you want to score one of the groomsmen then by all means. But anything else just looks grotesque. Avoid.

9. Don’t be the dance-floor idiot. You know the one. Clumsily asking Gramps to dance when he’s clearly happy to shyly sit and watch. Then lurching into her rendition of the robot, crowd surfing and making the best man catch her above his head aka Dirty Dancing. It’s just cringey and it doesn’t look cool.

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Who are we kidding? We’ve all made at least one of these wedding blunders but now you can do them in style. Here are our suggestions for what to wear to weddings this summer…

1. Maxi Dress by Conditions Apply

Maxi Dress By Conditions Apply At Gather &See £140

2. Irby Day Dress by Bibico

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4. Susannah Shift Dress by People Tree

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5. Molita Dress by Komodo


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6. Jumpsuit by Conditions Apply

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