Trace Collective

Twist Blouse

Colour: White

Organic. Eco-Friendly.

A modern design with elegant details. Crafted from 100% linen, this versatile shirt can be worn in two different ways: with a full neck line and low back or as a V neck blouse with a regular back. Buy one piece, get two styles.


100% Organic Linen

Coconut Shell Buttons

Made in Barcelona

Impact - Trace Collective prides itself on being able to measure the impact of their pieces:

- By buying this product, you're helping the environment by saving:

- 13 kilometres of driving emissions.

- 1 year of drinking water.

- 26 days of bulb energy.

You're also giving work to disenfranchised populations:

- 17% of your purchase (£34) goes to supporting women in the criminal justice system re-enter the job market.

- 4% of your purchase (£8) goes to supporting the labour inclusion of people with mental health disorders.