Little By Little

Mustard Mismatch or Matching Earrings


Small Scale Production. Eco-Friendly. Heritage.

We can't get enough of the gorgeous Mustard Mismatch Earrings. A subtly surprising piece, the mismatch earrings have become a ‘must have’ wardrobe adding a sophisticated edge to your look. Two silver, circular outlines with gold spherical repetition, one earring larger, one earring slightly smaller. You can't go wrong with these earrings! A donation from each sale goes to Luminary Bakery. 


Silver and Gold Plate

Made in Peru 


Larger Earring Square Wire 1mm thick, 20mm round - Larger spherical beads 2.5mm, Smaller bead 1.2mm

Smaller Earring Square wire 1mm thick, 10mm round - Larger spherical beads - 2.5mm, Smaller beads 1mm

General sizing chart in cm.

For specific product measurements please email