Carnelian Wrap


Eco-Friendly. Small Scale Production.

A beautiful Virgin Wool scarf from Taiyo. We love that the brand has a purpose for this scarf which "is meant to be a warm and vibrant companion guiding you towards embracing both fear and courage. And it is worn to stimulate motivation, endurance, leadership, and purpose. The Carnelian wrap serves as a catalyst to unlock what is already inside of you. And every time it is whisked across your heart and over your shoulder, you are reminded to embrace your fiery intuition."

This scarf is two-toned, meaning one side of the scarf is slightly more yellow/orange and brushed and the other side is more red. The edges are finished with a trim called grosgrain that is made from wood pulp, a naturally occurring cellulose-based raw material.


100% Virgin Wool 

Made in LA

Handwash or dryclean


Approximately 106" long and 18" wide

General sizing chart in cm.

For specific product measurements please email info@gatherandsee.com