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People Tree

Founded by the ever-inspiring Safia Minney, People Tree is a pioneer in Fair Trade and sustainable fashion. People Tree aims to be 100% Fair Trade throughout their supply chain. The brand purchases Fair Trade products from marginalized producer groups in the developing world to produce a gorgeous collection of wearable, feminine pieces.

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People Tree

People Tree is recognised by customers and the fashion industry as a pioneer in Fair Trade and environmentally sustainable fashion. For over twenty years, People Tree has partnered with Fair Trade artisans and farmers in the developing world to produce ethical and eco fashion collections. Fair Trade is about creating a new way of doing business; creating access to markets and opportunities for people who live in the developing world.

People Tree make beautiful garments that are a living blueprint for the brand's values: people and the planet are central to everything that they do. Garments are hand crafted in organic cotton and sustainable materials, using traditional skills that support rural communities. 


In the past, ethical, Fair Trade, organic and sustainable were not words people thought of as fashionable. People Tree has transformed ethical fashion into something desirable, glamorous and luxurious. The brand designs and produces high quality, fashionable products for women and men as well as collaborating with leading designers to produce unique collections.

People Tree follow the principles of Fair Trade in every aspect of their business. All products are made by artisans and producers who work to Fair Trade standards. People Tree has been a pilot case for certification for Fair Trade Manufacture under the World Fair Trade Organisation and were the world’s first clothing company to receive the World Fair Trade Organization Fair Trade product mark in 2013.

Fair Trade makes a powerful difference. People Tree is helping to alleviate poverty in the world's most marginalised communities.


People Tree developed the first integrated supply chain for organic cotton from farm to final product and we were the first organisation anywhere to achieve GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification on a supply chain entirely in the developing world.

We also work hard to ensure that we pioneer sustainable methods of production to minimise environmental impact. Not only is the majority of their cotton certified organic and Fairtrade, all pieces are dyed using safe and azo-free dyes. They source as many producsts as possible locally, choosing natural and recycled products over synthetic and non-biodegradable materials.

Fair Trade. Eco-Friendly. Organic.



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