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Mix Spanish craftsmanship, a relaxed, mediterranean style and you get CUS's brand of laid back elegance. Launched by Adriana Zalacain in Barcelona, the production process is environmentally and socially friendly. Adriana carefully chooses materials such as Xisquena wool, from a rare breed of sheep only found in the Pyrenees which has a local significance.  Much of the production takes place in local factories that support women at social risk. The brand also uses organic, recycled and innovative eco-friendly materials such as: organic cotton, recycled denim, recycled wool, recycled polyester, tencel or bamboo.

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CUS make clothes moved by beauty. Harmonies and disharmonies or unusualness and defects often inspire the brand to come up with beautiful, original garments. Design focus is on timeless clothes, that last for years not for seasons, and become life-long valuable pieces, that adopt their own story with years.

Driven by a commitment to sustainable fashion, CUS develop their collections with an awareness of our natural and human environment, as such they only use sustainable materials, such as organic cotton and wool, recycled fabrics or innovative eco-friendly materials.

All production is locally-made, and some of garments are produced in social integration workshops.


Organic Cotton and Wool

During the fiber production process of organic fabrics, no artificial pesticides or fertilizers are used. Organic cotton farming keeps the soil clean. Organic wool comes from naturally grown and fed sheep.


Recycled fabrics are recovered from cut-offs that otherwise would be wasted during the spinning, weaving and cutting process. By recycling wastes, landfill space is preserved and this reduces the amount of water, energy and pesticides that normally go into conventional fabric production.

Xisqueta wool

Through the production of this wool, that comes from Xisqueta sheep (form the Pyrenees), many rural areas are being revitalised and old local craftsmanship is being rescued and inserted back into the market. Using Xisqueta wool makes “local logical”: CUS source raw materials that are local, treated locally and produced within a certain radius by local weavers.

Innovative eco-friendly

The sources of these fabrics are based on a wide variety of plants, proteins and “recycled garbage”, for example plastic bottles and coffee-grinds.

Social and Local Production

CUS care about the social circumstances of the people who make their garments. All collections are produced locally, and some garments are produced in workshops that work for the integration of people at social risk. They are mostly made up of women coming from prisons and social services. The production process takes a little longer than usual, but the result is a high quality workmanship, with excellent finishes and details.

CUS is a project by Adriana Zalacain who lives and works in Barcelona.

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