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Handcrafted in England, Barocco creates stunning unique pieces of jewellery from Fair Trade and recycled metals. Inspired by everyday objects and nature, this beautiful collection includes wishbone, walnut and blackberry necklaces, rings and earrings. Each and every pieces is hand cast using ancient techniques at the brand's small foundry just outside London. 

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Set up by British designer Laura McAlpine, Barocco creates beauiful Fair Trade jewellery inspired by the natural world and cast in England. Designed and developed in local workshops, the pieces derive from the designer's fascination with the ordinary and obscure. Barocco exhibits an array of well considered pieces, cast from real and raw articles. 

Laura collects everyday, overlooked objects, and through the intricate lost methods of wax casting makes exquisite and unique pieces. Barocco is a Made in England brand that uses sourced recycled bronze, silvers and golds to craft pieces in their foundry just outside of London. The brand plates using Fair Trade gold.

The Casting Process

In the words of Barocco's founder: 

"We make a mould of the original article whether it be a wishbone or nut, to produce a wax original. From there, we make a clay mould from the wax original. The wax original is then melted away in the oven. Molten bronze is then poured into the clay mould, filling in all of the cavities. This ensures that all of the detailing from the original article remains. 

Once the metal has cooled and solidified, the clay moulds are broken off leaving a beautiful bronze Pendant. It is then plated in gold/rose gold or silver and assembled to it's chain, ring or earrings.

This process is repeated for each individual piece of jewellery, making them a one off and totally unique."

Fair Trade


Small Scale Production

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