Skin Cashmere - Face & Body Mask


Small Scale Production. Heritage. Vegan.

Pay homage to your skin with this truly exceptional combination of natural ingredients that will leave it soft and beautifully radiant. Skin Cashmere draws from the ancient bridal rituals of the region of Kashmir, to bring you a unique blend of rose petal, turmeric & sandalwood powders to protect your precious skin from free radicals, signs of ageing and pollutants, while yoghurt & chickpea powders exfoliate, heal and leave a fresh, lasting glow. Combine the powder with your favourite floral water and shroud your body in the ultimate beauty body mask.


100g glass jar

Handmade in London


Cleanse your body before starting your ritual. Combine Skin Cashmere with your favourite floral water, or, plain water and mix into a thick paste.

For dry skin, you can also combine with yoghurt and a drop or two of Argan & Orange Blossom Elixir. Leave for 5-7 minutes and allow the potent ingredients to work their magic.

Remove with a warm cloth before the mask dries. Shower as normal. Finish off your ritual by moisturising your body with a body butter.



Organic Chickpea flour, Organic curcuma longa (turmeric)root powder, santalum album powder, rosa damascena flower powder, yoghurt powder.