Small Scale Production. Eco-Friendly. Organic.

In the designer's words:

"Inspired by my taste for clothes that are elegant and chic, but feel comfortable and use natural fabrics. I hope you’ll experience some of the joy I get from wearing them too. I grew up in a town on the border of two countries. Living in London today I know how it feels to be at home and abroad at the same time. When you visit somewhere special, you want to capture that moment in time. My collections are inspired by iconic garments that take you to these places. The colours, landscapes and feelings. My clothes are made to be treasured, kept, and worn for years to come."

Sustainable Fabrics:

Sustainable natural fabrics make clothes feel great, age well and be better for the environment. That’s why Vanesa Vinhas don’t use anything else.

Made Responsibly:

The brand works directly with small manufacturers in Portugal and London, who help to make every garment something really special. They create small batches of high-quality clothes. 

Giving Back:

Part of Vanesa Vinhas' profits will help charities that empower women facing injustice, violence and poverty.